Did you know … 1 out of 10 non-voters cited being “out of town or away from home” as their reason for not voting in 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau? This year, have your voice heard and #VoteBeforeYouGo.

1 out of 10 non-voters do not vote due to travel plans.

Why Should I Vote? 

In 2000, the difference between the two major party presidential candidates was only 500,000 votes — that’s about ¼ of those who fly on an average day, showing how much every traveler’s vote could count!  

How Do I Vote?

Travelocity has teamed up with Google to make it easier to #VoteBeforeYouGo. Simply use the link below or search “How to Vote” on Google to find full details on your state’s election rules regarding absentee voting, early voting and mail-in voting.


Then rest easy when you’re traveling this Election Day — you’ll already have your vote cast, no matter where your journey takes you. It’s just one of the ways we’re helping you Wander Wisely, before, during and after your trip.